Title: The Authoring Suite
Publisher: Wida Software

An easy-to-use authoring program specially written for language teachers that enables them to create language activities on the computer including multimedia features.

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Authoring Suite individual modules:
(i.e. Storyboard, Gapmaster)
5-users 75
25-users 150

Authoring Suite bundled version (all modules)
5-users 475
25-users 915

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the classic total text reconstruction program


students type in full answers to questions where alternative permutations of correct answers are allowed for


Teachers remove items from longer (or shorter) texts and the students have to fill the gaps


The program jumbles up matching pairs of words or sentences and the students have to match them up


A multiple choice creation program where each distractor can have its own comment


Six different language games are generated by the computer from lists of keywords, definitions and example sentences entered by the teacher


Match a short text up with its correct title. Includes a text jumbler