What Training Do Locksmiths Do?

Do locksmiths have to do training?

As the locksmithing industry isn’t regulated, there is not a specific path to become a locksmith. You can’t go to university and step straight into a job. However, there are different methods of training that locksmiths can do to be the best they can. This includes entering an established company as a trainee, completing accredited courses and using transferable skills to start straight away.

Becoming a locksmith is more about having the right ability and the willingness to always be learning. UCAS outline that some related skills that can help in working as a locksmith are:

Starting as a trainee locksmith

When starting a career as a locksmith, many people enter the industry as a trainee. This can be with a large company such as Timpson Ltd. who will offer initial training at their own facilities, in-house modules and ongoing coaching from an experienced locksmith.

Local companies may also want to take on trainees too. The training may not be as official, but through this route trainees will quickly gain practical skills and an inside knowledge of the industry.

Practical experience needed to be a locksmith

Whilst there aren’t specific roles that lead to a job within the locksmithing industry, there are some previous jobs and practical experience that can feed into being a locksmith. Prior jobs in carpentry or joinery can be incredibly beneficial as well as a great place to start is enrol on a course about locksmithing. This option means that nothing is lost at the end if they find it’s not the role for them, and they would have even gained some valuable transferable skills along the way.

Accredited locksmith courses

MPL City & Guilds

MPL offers City & Guilds and NCFE Level 3 certified courses that will allow users to complete comprehensive training that will cover everything they may be faced with as a locksmith.

With all training delivered from their specialised centre in Wakefield, those who choose this course can be sure they’ll receive ample knowledge and hands-on experience.

Master Locksmiths Association (MLA)

As a recognised authoritative body by the Home Office, police force and British Standards Institute, it’s safe to say that a course from MLA is a good place to start as a locksmith. There’s a number of courses to pick from, ranging from one to five days and covering a number of topics, specialist techniques and locksmithing tools.

This is a great option for those who have no industry experience and would like to start their locksmithing career with all the knowledge necessary.